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I was tagged by the amazing Sixbane

Everyone's characters have a special place in their heart, but exactly what place do your top 10 favorite OCs take up?  fill out the places below, and then explain why you chose them if you like!
don't have 10 characters?  go for as many as you have!  when you've completed these 10 places, tag 5 people!

1.  your fursona/persona
Your character that represents you!

Fursona wise I originally had my character Scar but after a while I realized he was no longer a representation of me and never really was. He was a character I designed through a character creator on here and he started to stick, he's a bad boy with a lot of anger issues but in the start he was very happy and loving playing with other fursona's.

Now however it's a very different situation with my fursona being Zimri who is also the inspiration for my current username alongside the word limerick. After putting Scar on the back burner I felt it was time to make a brand new fursona so I started thinking about what my interests were and finding a breed of animal to make him, I'm a dog person so the theme of canine stuck with him and he's now and probably forever a Siberian husky and Thai Bangkaew mix. I named him Zimri because it means "my music" and I am a big fan of music because it can help me calm down when I'm upset or frustrated. He embodies a lot of who I am as a person and is also the boyfriend of Sixbane's fursona Casimir and the best friend of her fursona Six.

Zimri By Sixbane-da3l3vp by Zimerick

2.  your 'guardian angel'
You protect yourself through them, vent through them etc, they keep you strong.
You probably have a deep emotional connection with this character.

I'm not really too certain if I have a character that fits the first three criteria but I do have a deep connection with my character Darrick, he was one of my very first characters I thought up of and is the twin brother of Sixbane's character Sara. He's a very silly and sometimes stupid character but he's been around since I was a freshman in high school which was all the way in 2010 and I've done RP's with him and his other four siblings since, working with Sixbane to development the world around them as they grew up. He has a few traits that are taken from me such as his attempts to be heroic and to make people laugh while also having a compassion for others and to do his best in life. His siblings mean the world to him but especially Sara because of their twin mind, he always knows if somethings up with her and she does too, or so he hopes.…

1431854 IKpT0Dtph0Kg6zW by Zimerick

3.  your sunshine!
A character that never fails to make you smile. Maybe they have bright colors.
or maybe they are very cute. A character who's your own personal sun.

I would pick my character Devina Neite/Neite Aleron. He's the husband of Sara and is another character I've used for quite some time in multiple RP's with Sixbane, him and Sara getting together in three separate universes now. In the original RP I used him in he was the son of the legendary Pokemon Arceus and Mew and eventually became the god of the universe (pretty Mary Sue now that I think about it), together he and Sara have roughly...18 children not counting like two that were adopted into their family. Since we decided to put that RP to a close he has had two separate AU incarnations, one where he is a loyal knight turned king in a medieval world with him being created by a god of destruction, and another which is high school based (based also around Mystic Messenger which is a great game I recommend playing) where he is a French transfer student (cause French accents are attractive?). No matter the universe he's always fallen head over heels for Sara and is willing to protect her at all cost. Whenever I get art of the two together it always puts a big smile on my face.
Custom For Sixbane  2 2  By Chitchatcafe-darjuze by Zimerick

4.  the odd one
The odd ball character you're not sure why you have, but you treasure them deeply. Perhaps because they're just so weird?

Oh boy this ones interesting to think about, but definitely my dino-rat character that I named Katie (after a certain someone <3), she's one of my most odd looking characters but I love her a lot because she was 1. very fun to draw, and 2. fun to think about. I haven't done much of anything with her but she's the boyfriend of Sixbane's character Tyler aka Buttfloat, a dog character that gravity seems to have no effect on so he has to constantly be anchored down or he'll float away. I do need to do more things with Katie here though, there's potential with her that I need to explore.
I saw a pterodactyl on the volcano! - Katie Ref by Zimerick

5.  sentimental value
Okay, now who has the most sentimental value? Maybe a character you received from a friend, or who you have fond memories of. Perhaps they're very old?

Harking back to the fursona topic, my former fursona Scar holds the most sentimental value to me, not only was he my very first character but he is also my oldest, being around since I believe 2008 or 2009. Going all the way back to my days of roaming iScribble every day (where I also met Sixbane). Being my original fursona he has a special place in my heart even if he is no longer used to represent me, he was used in a few RP's and entered a "relationship" with Six's very old fursona Kaimi, together and in a drunken stupor they had two children named Shadra and Darivik. Scar and Kaimi weren't exactly friends, in fact they hated one another's company, but they always seemed to be around one another a lot.
Lolheresagifttakeit By Mai Mai Mari-d6muk84 by Zimerick

6.  the fancy one
You're flashiest character! Probably the prettiest one or the one with the most fancy design.

This ones incredibly simple, my character Eilian is the fanciest character I own. Not only is he clothed in the fanciest of attire but I believe he is also my most expensive character being I believe $20 to buy him. When browsing for just art and characters in general one day I stumbled upon this beautiful character and fell in love at first sight. Even without owning him I had ideas galore for his personality, backstory, and character in general, it was thanks to Sixbane that I actually own this character now and I cannot thank her enough for helping me get such an amazingly designed character because all of those ideas I had for him came to life. He's definitely a staple favorite for me and one of my favorite designs over all.
Zimerick S Bby By Xminxicat-d83xlsq by Zimerick

7.  the rare one
'The rarity' How about a character you're so surprised you actually managed to get. You probably won't be letting go of them anytime soon!

I'm not too sure if this character is necessarily of a rare species or anything but I find them really cute looking, this character being Amari my Chocodino who was designed and gifted to me by Sixbane. They are a very cute character and are my first agender character, preferring gender neutral pronouns such as they, them, and their. Their design is based on mint chocolate just like their older brother Benedict and they try to be just like their big brother Benny. They are a sweet but shy little creature who mostly talks to Benedict. I haven't done anything with Amari yet but I really want to, I'm just not too sure what though.
Woops By Sixbane-d8iqthv by Zimerick

8.  weird attachment
Weirdd hmmm

I have no clue what it is about him, but I really adore my character Ananse (named after the African spider god), he is one of the children of Sara and Neite and is also an oddity to the family because he is a human and deity hybrid aka a demi-god. Since he was a child he was always friends with insects and arachnids but more specifically spiders, he would allow his room to become consumed by cobwebs and would even have the tendency to want to eat people or animals by trapping them in the webs. Even becoming a temporary antagonist in our original and really long RP. Despite my hug fear of spiders I love him as a character and really want to do more with him because he is very fun to RP.
Halloween Egg Adopt Batch 2 Egg 8 By Sixbane-d81qm by Zimerick

9.  the fandom character
You heard me! Everyone's got one, fork them over!

Well...I mean technically half of my characters are fandom OC's mostly just being Pokemon related and family to Neite and

Sara, but that's too much to list and those few aren't really 100% related to Pokemon now. But I do have a few that are genuinely related to fandoms such as Drake (Pokemon), Cris (Slender Man), Ophir (Supernatural), Zakry (parody of Deadman Wonderland), and Charon (Pokemon).

Imperfect-ion Request by Zimerick Cris Cross? by Zimerick 515933 Orig by Zimerick 199043 by Zimerick If I told you what I was by Zimerick

10.  the newbie
Okay who just joined your family of characters? Let's see them!

My new precious character who I named Amavasya aka Amav for short. She was adopted from S-adistic-Scars and like Eilian I had to have her immediately upon seeing her. She's unlike my other characters because of the fact she's a cyclops and also quite Frankenstein's monster like. I find her to be a very cute character with a pretty design and in my mind she is a lonely character due to what she is and due to her being so different from humans, preferring to keep the company of spirits unable to pass to the other side. Her favorite holidays being Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos due to spirits being allowed to return to the mortal world for a night. This allowing her to make more friends that she can be reunited with annually.…
Frankenclops By S-adistic-scars by Zimerick

And finally I'm done with this, took me like two hours to finish this from distractions and thinking about what characters fit which topic. So I suppose I should tag people now, not too sure who though XD

And anyone else that wants to do this :)


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